Watch CFI Chair Eddie Tabash Debate the Existence of God

May 6, 2019

Eddie Tabash is not only chair of the Center for Inquiry, an accomplished attorney, and one of the most prominent and respected freethought advocates to ever bolster the Wall of Separation, he’s also a skilled and popular debater, taking on believers of all stripes who wish to engage in an intellectual exchange over questions of religion and society.

Last week, Eddie went to the University of California-Davis to debate the existence of God with Mohammed Hijab in an event hosted by the school’s Muslim Student Association. The entire debate was streamed live and you can watch it now.

Here’s an example of Eddie’s sharp thinking in real time, rebutting the idea that the Universe’s existence is “contingent” on a creator bringing it into being:

You cannot analogize from cause-and-effect and necessary and contingent beings from within time and space, as opposed to the very coming into being of time and space in the first place. If in fact the Big Bang, as is most likely, nothing preceded it—there was no time and space—you can have no cause and effect. And we can’t even speak of cause and effect because there was no environment for a to cause b.

Told you he was good. Watch the full debate and the subsequent Q&A session below.

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