Take Action: Urge Your Representative to Join the Congressional Freethought Caucus Today

March 4, 2020

Is your representative a member of the Congressional Freethought Caucus? Have they even heard of it? Have you?

The Freethought Caucus is made up of Members of Congress who support reason and science in public policy, fight for the separation of church and state, and advance the rights of nonreligious Americans.

Almost one quarter of the U.S. population is religiously unaffiliated—that’s more than Catholics and even evangelicals. But despite the meteoric ascendance of the “Nones,” we’re represented by less than 1 percent of current members of Congress.

At a time when the attorney general of the United States declares that secularism threatens our country’s moral fabric and our government’s response to a global pandemic is led by a vice president who doesn’t believe in evolution, a Congressional caucus grounded in secular values is absolutely critical. But awareness of this groundbreaking Caucus hasn’t reached everybody in Congress yet. CFI’s Office of Public Policy is on Capitol Hill spreading the word, but we can’t do it alone.

Members of Congress will be more willing to join the Caucus if they know it’s what their constituents want (imagine that!). And this is important: Members don’t need to be nonreligious to join.

They do need to hear from you. Please take a moment today and ask your representative to join the Freethought Caucus.

TAKE ACTION HERE: http://bit.ly/2IjmNDA


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