June 23, 2020

The murder of George Floyd by police has unleashed outrage at the ongoing pattern of brutal and racist policing that still afflicts many police departments.

For centuries, African Americans have experienced persecution that exposes the extreme depravity and cruelty of what people are capable of inflicting on those they wrongly perceive as different from themselves: from slavery, to Jim Crow, to the endemic racism that continues to poison our society.

The Center for Inquiry categorically opposes abusive policing and racism, supports the position that black lives matter, and finds that ongoing attempts to dehumanize African Americans demonstrates that society is still mired in a most unfortunate state of intellectual and moral infancy.

The Center for Inquiry supports the right of peaceful protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights and call the attention of the nation and the world to ongoing police abuses suffered all too frequently by African Americans in the United States today.

President Trump has cynically used the current situation to divert attention from the pandemic that continues to take lives—and particularly ravages minority communities. He has also used the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd to enflame his religious Right base by callously gassing innocent demonstrators to make way for his brazen stunt of holding up a Bible in front of a church.

The Center for Inquiry is a nonpartisan organization. However, we will stand in opposition to blatant violations of human rights and in support of humanist values.

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