Publications and Libraries of Center for Inquiry

Publications and Libraries of Center for Inquiry


The results of research and activities supported by the Center are distributed to the public in a variety of national and international magazines and newsletters.

The flagship magazines for the educated public published at the Center for Inquiry are CSI’s Skeptical Inquirer and the Council for Secular Humanism’s Free Inquiry (with a combined readership of nearly 100,000).

Additional magazines at CFI are read in the U.S. (The American Rationalist), United Kingdom (The Skeptic), Perú (New Skepticism, and The Journal of Applied Philosophy), and Russia (Common Sense).

The Center’s ground-breaking peer-reviewed academic journals include The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice and Philo.

There are a variety of electronic and print newsletters for associated membership organizations: Skeptical Briefs for members of CSI, Secular Humanist Bulletin for associate members of the Council; Campus Inquirer for members of CFI’s campus outreach program; and SOS International Newsletter for participants in Secular Organizations for Sobriety, as well as The Ingersoll Report, a bulletin of the Robert G. Ingersoll Memorial Committee.

CFI Libraries

At CFI’s headquarters branch in Amherst, New York, three unique research libraries –maintained by its Research Institute — share a dramatic reading room, workstations for researchers, and a 60,000 volume collection.

The Skeptics Library and the fast-growing Library of American Philosophical Naturalism is unique in the world, while the Library of Humanism and Freethought is the foremost such collection in the English-speaking world.

Part of the holdings focus on the worldwide secular humanist and skeptic movements, archiving local group newsletters and nationally circulating magazines.

CFI’s research libraries are electronically catalogued and accessible via the internet and OCLC, the online network linking the catalogues of hundreds of university, college, and specialty libraries. The specialized collections are complemented by a general reference section. For more information, please visit

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