Bill Nelson goes after Gov. Scott on climate change

July 20, 2017

“Just last month in the state of Florida, the Florida Legislature passed and the governor signed into law a bill that allows any resident of the state, regardless of whether or not they have a student in school, can challenge what is being taught in the public schools,” Nelson said. “So, if a single resident objects to a certain subject that students are being taught having to do with science—a subject such as what’s happening in the climate and the changes and the fact that the sun’s rays come in and reflect off the earth and go back, reflect out and radiate the heat back into space. But when you start putting in what are known as the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane up there, they suddenly act as a ceiling, a greenhouse gas ceiling having a greenhouse effect—trapping the heat, causing the earth to heat up.”

He went on: “Instead of accepting the fact that the seas are rising and what is going to be a very real threat, and already is to a coastline like Florida, they want to literally rip the subject right out of our children’s textbooks while at the same time silencing the teachers and the scientists. I don’t think we can sit back and allow our public schools to become political battlegrounds. And we shouldn’t allow politicians to silence our teachers and scientists just because they don’t happen to like that part of the science. While this bill was just enacted in Florida, it may be one much the most egregious examples of hiding the truth, but unfortunately, I’m sad to report, it is not the only one.

“In fact, in 2015, Florida’s governor went so far as to reportedly ban state officials from even using the term climate change in their reports. Doesn’t that sound like muzzling?”

Scott has denied there was ever such a ban, which former DEP employees described.

By Alex Leary, Times Washington Bureau Chief, Monday, July 17, 2017 5:13pm 
[Last modified: Monday, July 17, 2017 5:20pm]



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