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Feb. 8, Clearwater: Darwin Day Event: “Why are we Moral?” CFI Tampa Bay’s 18th DD celebration!

Saturday, February 8
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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UUC – Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater
2470 Nursery Road
Clearwater, FL 33764 US

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Organized by:
Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason

Organized by:
Center for Inquiry Tampa Bay


As never before, our society is apparently in the grip of an epistemological crisis.
In all the universe we are the only known life form that has a culture and civilization built upon a system of morally defined relationships. Because morality is an artifact of human culture, it seems to be continuously modified by the internal and external experiences of the society that shaped it. Did it arise on anything other than human history, such as divine intervention as the religions would have it? Can it ever be said to be endowed with any purpose not wholly defined by the particular culture that created it? Can there ever be such a thing as a scientifically described, completely objective basis for morality?

Dr. Douglas Mann says that when discussing ethics or morality, we need to refer to the body of Our Evolved Moral Wisdom which describes how evolutionary pressures created our concepts of morality. Morality touches everything that matters about our lives, as a people, and as individuals. He will offer insights into the evolutionary basis of his proposition.

Ms. Amanda Poppei will present another side of the issue from her perspective as a leader of the Washington DC area chapter of the American Ethical Cultural Society.

The Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason is presenting Dr. Mann and Ms. Poppei as part of its continuing program in bringing distinguished thinkers such as Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Herb Silverman, and many others to our Tampa Bay area.

Saturday, February 8th at 10 AM is the time and the UU Clearwater Octagon is the place. Now is the time to get your seat. Reserve today or pay at the door.

The Center for Inquiry values full participation at all of its events, including participation from individuals with disabilities. Requests for reasonable accommodation may be made by contacting tampabaycor@gmail.com three days before the event.