Why We Use More Than 10 Percent Of Our Brain Power
March 2, 2020

Jamie Hale writes: A large body of research has shown humans tend to be cognitive misers (Stanovich et al. 2016). We can’t afford to engage in hard thinking all the time because it isn’t efficient. In our daily lives, we need to think at different levels in different situations. Too much thinking when engaging in …

Misleading Polls and Bad Statistics: Do Republicans Think Education is Bad?
January 16, 2020

“The marketplace of ideas is served when data and polls are presented honestly, and opposing views are portrayed fairly. Skepticism and media literacy are more important than ever, so check your sources—especially when you agree with the message—to avoid sharing misinformation.”

Sagan’s Candle In The Dark
November 18, 2019

Personal experience often drives superstitious belief; firsthand accounts for many people are enough. Never mind that those holding superstitious beliefs often lack knowledge regarding brain processes, perception, and cognition. Never mind that humans are susceptible to a range of conscious and unconscious biases.